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the current global pandemic has caused people around the world to take a pause, evaluate priorities, and focus our attention on what is most important for each of us and our loved ones. we at envision a wildly brighter future for all, and look forward to continuing to work on our mission of improving quality of life for artisans, their families and communities, while providing our customers with beautiful, unique accessories that accentuate your beauty and style, when the world is once again able to broaden its focus and begin to enjoy the more playful aspects of life. in the meanwhile, we wish you great health, prosperity, and creativity as you navigate current circumstances and create new, wonderful ones, and we leave you with a reflection inspired by salvador dalí: "every morning when i wake up, i experience an exquisite joy - the joyh of being salvador dalí - and i ask myself in rapture: what wonderful things is salvador dalí going to accomplish today?" so, what wonderful things are you going to accomplish today?!